“Super Power Lubricants”, which is fully produced and packed from Netherlands. Products are covering Heavy-duty Trucks, Passenger Car, Racing Oil, Gear & Transmission Fluid and Hydraulic Oil.
  Market trends and developments are closely monitored, we can follow up quickly with new formulations. Thanks to the support from our R&D team, our products are able to meet the requirements from car manufacturers.

  We use automated manufacturing processes in the Dutch plant, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer. All of our oil products are manufactured and packaged in strict accordance with the R&D department's formula, to ensure our products are comply with ACEA specifications and performance requirements.
  After the oil filing, our staff will carry out the packaging. At the same time, they will perform a visual inspection on each item and then seal it.
  Finished goods will store in the warehouse for a short while and arrange delivery to all destinations in the world.


“Jumping Lion” implies that our oils will make your car as fast and sensitive as a lion.

In 2018, the new logo splits a drop of oil by Lion's head, meaning that the quality of
oil products is constantly improving and it will brings you a better driving experience.



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